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Special Products and Programs

As part of our role of providing workers' compensation and employer's liability to Maryland businesses of all sizes, Chesapeake Employers offers several "special products." These include additional coverage for certain work performed out-of-state as well as several special rating plans designed to control costs and ensure and reward safe workplaces.

Coverage in Other States

Coverage for Maryland employees working in other states on an incidental basis is provided under your basic Chesapeake Employers policy. Employees assigned for extended periods of time or permanently located in another state require a separate policy. For your coverage needs in these situations, Chesapeake Employers has teamed with Zurich North America to provide an insurance solution in all U.S. states except North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Wyoming, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

If you need Other States Coverage, please contact a Chesapeake Employers underwriter or your insurance agent.

Experience Rating Plan

Experience rating is a way to calculate premium based on a company's individual loss experience. If your losses are lower than expected for your industry group, you will receive a premium credit. If your losses are higher, your premium will be increased. Attention to effective safety practices should result in fewer losses and lower premiums for all businesses.

Chesapeake Employers' Rating Plans

Chesapeake Employers offers several plans through which we can discount your rates, if you so qualify. Please contact your agent for more information on this topic.

For more information on our special products, please call (410) 494-2000 (1-800-264-4943 outside Baltimore) or Contact Us - Underwriting.

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